Notice! Spur of the Moment Media is re-branding to “Ben Srokosz: Audio Professional”. I am refocusing this page to audio production, and any video enquiries can now be directed to my Digital Storytelling company: GATTA Creative

Sound is a fundamental part of our experience. It can impact our mood, our enjoyment and our memory of an event. Understanding the nuances of audio is a skill that is often overlooked in the digital world. Sound in video, musical recordings, voiceovers, vlogs, podcasts. It’s not good enough to say ‘that’s good enough’.

Ben Srokosz is a seasoned audio professional with over 25 years experience producing, engineering, editing, restoring, mixing, and appreciating audio of all forms. Since graduating the Recording Arts Program of Canada in 1998, Ben has worked with hundreds of artists, businesses, and individuals who simply want better audio for their productions